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Storytelling Suggestions

  • “Read” through this wordless picture book the first time, simply looking at and enjoying the illustrations.

    • At the beginning, be sure to note that the dinosaur is a ride-on playground toy (and not a real dinosaur).

    • Some children may need to be reassured that even when the toy dinosaur “comes alive,” this story and the dinosaur are still pretend.

  • Now, take a second read, and invite your little one to tell the story in their own words as they turn each page. You can also write your story together, taking turns, and adding twists and turns that your little one has to adapt to.

    • It is helpful when telling stories to consider the five senses as you add your details. For example, if you are telling a story about an ice cream cone that melted, make sure to share that the day was hot but the ice cream was very cold…until it wasn’t.

  • Feel free to write down your little one’s story so you can save their version of Chalk. Then, you can revisit the story at a later time, and write a new version.

    • Notice how the stories change, and the powerful agency that comes from “authoring” your own book.

    • Repeat, repeat, repeat! Invite other family members to tell and/or write their own versions of Chalk!

Guiding Prompts to support the reading, understanding, and telling of "Chalk."

  • When each of the children’s drawn objects comes to life, ask:

    “If you could draw something with chalk and have it come to life, what  would you draw?”

  • When the little boy draws a thundercloud with rain coming out of it ask:

    → “Why do you think he has drawn the rain?” 

    → “What do you think will happen next?”

    → “What happens when you put water on chalk?”

  • At the end of the story, the children hang the bag of magical chalk back in the toy dinosaur’s mouth. Ask:

    → “What do you think will happen when the next child comes to the playground and finds the chalk?”

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