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Whoever said work isn’t fun?! These activities, inspired by Joan Heilbroner’s marvelous book “Robert the Rose Horse”, reinforce the notion that “Play is the work of childhood!” Explore countless opportunities to notice the important jobs and workers around you. Then, discover the ways that even the youngest among us can be workers too!

Get to Work!

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Get to Work!

Image of a worker cutting pizza in a pizza restaurant to inspire these fun activities for kids to play.


  • Talk about the many jobs you see happening around you on a daily basis. 
  • Decide which job you would like to reenact in your play today. Some ideas for job play scenarios include:

    – Doctor’s office
    – Vet
    – Post Office
    – Airport
    – School
    – Restaurant/Deli
    – Construction
    – Library
    – Dentist
    – Caregiver
    – Grocery store
Image of kitchen tools hanging to inspire these fun pretend activities for kids.


  • Gather materials and props from around the house to prepare for your job play. Think about all the little details that can make these experiences come to life.

    • For example, if you decide to recreate a restaurant, get set up with some art supplies to make menus & dress up like a waiter. Maybe you will even cook some real food together and invite someone to come to your restaurant (and pay for their meal! 😉)
Image of two children engaging in a fun play activity by using pretend kitchen tools and pretending to cook.


  • Let the dramatization begin! Have fun trying on these different roles and experiencing what it’s like to have a job. 
  • Feel free to switch up your career and set up a different job play scenario.

Play your way! What else can you do with your materials?

Why Play This Way?

A lot of the work that happens around your little one goes unnoticed. These dramatic play opportunities will recreate familiar experiences and also empower your little one to take on the role of a “real worker,” thereby providing a new and fresh perspective.

Discover the book that
inspired this play

Read While You Play & Play While You Read

Image of the book cover, Robert the Rose Horse, by Joan Heilbroner, to inspire these fun activities for kids to play.

“Robert the Rose Horse”
by Joan Heilbroner

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