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Read Aloud Questions

  1. This book is all about magical fairies and one child’s quest to find them. As you read each page, pause and ask:

    → “How many fairies can you find on this page?”

  2. Turn to the page that says, “or heard a little trill or tone…” and ask:

    → “Can you spot an instrument?”

    → “What do you think is making that noise?” 

  3. Turn to the page with the dog’s braided hair and ask:

    → “Do you see a ladder? Why do you think it’s there?”

    → “Who is there in the window? Do you see anyone else still hanging around?”

  4. Turn to the page where it says, “You might leave an offering” and explain,  “an offering is like a gift, and it looks like the fairies left a gift behind for the little girl.” Ask:

    → “What did the fairies leave for the child?”

    → “What do you think she left for them?”

    → “What would you leave for a fairy?

  5. Find the page where the child winds and rambles through the forest. Look closely at the illustration and ask:

    → “How many mushrooms can you find?”

    “Can you spot an owl?” 

  6. Now, stand up and pretend that you are winding and rambling through a forest.

    → “How will you move your body?”

    → “Will you step over old stumps?”

    → “Will you duck to avoid the low-hanging branches of the trees?”

  7. Look closely at the page where the girl rests beneath a tree, wondering, “Where are they?” and ask:

    → “Can you see the fairies?”

    → “What are some of the things the fairies are doing?”

    → “Why can’t the child in the book see them?”

    → “Do you think she will ever see them?”

  8. On the last page, we see the fairies’ reply to the child’s question, “Are they out there?” right on her head! Explain that ‘reply’ is another word for ‘answer’ or ‘response,’ and ask:

    “How did the fairies reply?”

    → “Did their reply answer the child’s question?”

  9. At the end of the story, ask:

    → “If there was another page in this story, what might happen next?”

    → “What do you think the girl would do, or say?”

    → “What would
    you do next if you were the child in the story?”

    → “Tell me about a time when you felt there was magic around you.”

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