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Read Aloud Questions

  1. Nancy knows she has forgotten something.

    → “Tell me about a time that you forgot something.”

  2. Explain that as you read this book, you will go on a scavenger hunt!

    “In this book Nancy the elephant goes through all of her memories to try and find the one she forgot. As we turn the pages, we are going to look at the pictures and do some finding ourselves.”

  3. After you read the page where Nancy remembers things with wheels and clothes ask:

    → “Can you find something with a wheel?”

    → “Can you find a piece of clothing?”

  4. Look closely at the page where Nancy thinks of places to relax and places to go.

    → “Where does Nancy like to go?”

    → “Where do you like to relax?” 

    → “Where do you like to go?”

    → ”Where are the places that Nancy likes to relax?”

  5. After you read the page where Nancy remembers things that are all the same color and all the same shape ask:

    → “Can you find 5 things that are the same color?”

    → “Can you find 5 things that are the same shape?”

  6. Nancy likes to look at things in all kinds of ways.

    → “Can you choose one of your items and turn it in your hands to look at it one way, and then another?”

    → “Can you look at it forwards? Backwards?”

  7. After you read the page where she remembers things all lined up and then in a jumbled mess, ask:

    → “Can you find 10 objects and line them up in neat rows?”

    → “Now, can you put those same objects into a jumbled mess?”

  8. ‘Two days before tomorrow’ is another way of saying yesterday.

    → “Can you remember anything from yesterday?”

  9. Nancy uses her ears to remember some things.

    → “Can you remember a time when you heard music? What instruments did you hear?”

    → “Did you hear anything when you woke up this morning?” 

    → “What is something very loud that you have heard? What about very quiet?”

  10. Sometimes Nancy uses her stomach or nose to remember things.

    → “What is your stomach’s favorite thing to remember?”

    → “What do you think of when you smell something sweet? What about something stinky?”

  11. Nancy also uses her heart to remember. Heart memories are the memories of important feelings. Sometimes they are hard to describe but you know them when you feel them.

    → “Can you use your heart to remember something?”

  12. Nancy is having a really hard time remembering! She tries and she tries until she decides she needs a rest.

    → “What happens that makes her finally remember?”

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