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"Odd Dog Out" by Rob Biddulph

Odd Dog Out is a story about being proud of who you are and appreciating the qualities that make you stand out from everyone else. We invite you to explore these read-aloud questions while keeping the greater theme of the book in mind: We all have special qualities that make us stand out and it’s important to embrace our uniqueness so that we can be our true, wonderfully, one-of-a-kind selves – just like Odd Dog!

Read Aloud Questions

  1. After reading the title, or even after the first couple of pages, pause for a vocabulary moment.

    → Odd: Odd means different, standing out from others, out of the ordinary, unusual.

    → “Do you notice anyone odd on these first few pages?”

    →  All of the dogs look the same! They are standing the same way, and they are doing the same things…nobody stands out!

  2. When we meet Odd Dog, have your little one point to her on the page.

    → “What do you notice about Odd Dog that makes her stand out?”

  3. Odd Dog feels like she doesn’t fit it.

    → “Have you ever felt like you don’t fit in?”

    → “How is Odd Dog feeling? Why do you think she feels like that?”

  4. As Odd Dog travels through the seasons, take time to notice the details in each of the 4 illustrations.

    → “Can you guess the season in each picture? Point to fall, winter, summer, and spring.”

    → “What season are we in now? How can you tell?”

    → “What is your favorite season?”

  5. Odd Dog travels a long time.

    → “What kind of place do you think she’s looking for?”

    → “Do you think she’ll find it?”

  6. When Odd Dog reaches DOGGYWOOD, take some time to look at all of the details in the illustration.

    → “What do you notice?”

    → “What are some of the things the dogs are doing?”

  7. Odd Dog finds someone whom she assumes feels like an outsider, but…

    →  “What does Odd Dog learn from her new friend?”

  8. Odd Dog returns home and everyone is so excited to see her!

    → “Why are they so happy to see Odd Dog?”

    → “What important lesson did Odd Dog teach them?”

  9. Slowly but surely, the dogs embrace who they are, and begin to dress and behave differently so that they too stand out from the crowd!

    → “What can you tell about each doggy superstar based on how they are dressed?”

    → “Can you find one that reminds you of something you like to do, or something you like to wear?”

  10. Flip back and forth from the first page to the last page.

    → “Which place seems more interesting?”

    → “Would you want to live somewhere where everybody was the same?”

  11. The last words of the book are: “Be who you are.”

    Take a moment to think about what this statement meant for Odd Dog and what it might mean for you and your little one. Here are some questions to help you talk about about some of the qualities that make you one-of-a-kind:

    → “What do you like about yourself?”

    → “What are some ways that you like to play?”

    → “Do you have a favorite piece of clothing that makes you feel great?”

    → “Is there something you are very proud of being able to do that helps to make you who you are?”

    → “Do you have a favorite toy or object that is important to you?”

Above all, remember: It’s a great thing to be odd…so blaze a trail, be who you are!

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